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Lockdown lessons...?

Unlike the rest of the world, we are now back in a full lockdown once again...

I've been conducting lessons online since the start of the pandemic, and there were short window where I could conduct a mix of online and face-to-face lessons last year and earlier this year. But, with the lockdown in place, it's online all the way for now. Of course, pandemic online lessons won't be going away for a while, so there's nothing like moving on and embracing the new norm of mixing both formats of lessons. As a matter of fact, I wished I got on it sooner, especially working with students outside of (west) Malaysia.

So, here's my shameless plug:

I have a few lesson slots that has opened up, and if you're interested in having lessons with me whether it's one-off or weekly regular lessons, these slots are available. Please contact me regarding rates and slot availability either via direct message (FB, IG, Twitter) or email me at and we can take it from there.

My teaching studio is open for saxophone players of all levels whether you're a beginner, amateur or hobbyist, or even a young working professional musician who would like to find different ways of developing on the instrument. In addition, if you're a single-line instrumentalist wanting to learn about jazz or improvisation skills, you're definitely welcome to the studio as well.

That's not all - I've got an offer for you.

If you sign up for four (4) weekly lessons between today (June 1st) and June 15th, you'll get an additional one-hour lesson for free (time to be discussed).


I won't be shy to admit that these are tough times, and that your support for my work as an educator (and performer) is something that I take with much gratitude, and I'm committed to helping you in your musical journey. Hence, thank you for reading all the way and listening, and most importantly, THANK YOU for the support!

Have a great day, and stay safe!


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