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Let’s support the Malaysian front liners.

My heart aches as I watch and listened to the feelings of the front liners who are fighting to keep this already sinking ship afloat.

The captain of the ship and his commanders are out there well-protected in their lavish homes, travelling out to different countries on holiday (while on official assignment), making stupid uneducated speeches about how the Spanish Fly killed millions of people between 1919 to 1916. The same captain and his commanders are telling us to follow the rules (or be fined) while they break the rules and get their pocket money taken from them.

It’s plain travesty.

This is a PSA to call out to us to help the medical frontliners - the doctors, nurses, medical officers, specialists, etc - ease their burden. It’s so heartbreaking to hear how they have become foot soldiers to a war that our government is not actively helping to win. They have no other choice but to be out there. To add to the wound, contract doctors are faced with a future that is a career dead end for them once the pandemic is over.

If you are able to donate to fund the acquisition of medical equipment to help the frontliners do their job, please do. Here’s how you can do it:

My heart goes out to the front liners. I pray every day that you are able to get the relief you need and I’m grateful for all the work and sacrifice you have done for us.

Stay home, and stay safe.

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