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That's the number of Covid-19 cases reported today (29 May 2021). 98 deaths.

471 deaths in 2020.

2179 deaths in 2021 (last reported 29th May 2021)

The illustration map of "red zones" in Malaysia now look like the country was fully taken over by a zombie attack. Go figure.

We're going on a full lockdown from 1st of June. Ought to have been done earlier. But that's our Malaysian government for you. Panicking later rather than earlier. The pattern hasn't changed since the beginning last year. The only difference is that it's gotten worse instead of better.

When will this be taken seriously?

We're praying hard for all of this to be over. Soon. We're just completely over it.

(Please pardon my less-than-happy mood on my second post. But I just had to say it)

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