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Some days I can't bring myself to read Twitter or even look at the news. It's too upsetting.

I realised that I'm quite a triggered person, and I've been this way for a long time. I've only come to realise this in the past few years and I have learned to accept it as well. I also realised that I never really learned to manage these triggers, and my responses tend to be quite reactive than responsive.

Thanks to several years of consultative and therapeutic help, I think I'm starting to get a better grip of myself. I can't always say I'm completely successful in my efforts, but I'm continuing to work on it.

Reading the news and social media feeds today (29 June) really triggered me. Extended lockdown with no solid plan and/or end date, rising case numbers with no tangible effort or plan to handle it, rising cases of people having trouble surviving, suicides, the list goes on and on.

I'm not ignorant about it, and the situation is real, but I realise that it's all causing me to allow this cloud of negativity to hang over me and this does not help anyone whatsoever. Feeding into this negativity is just too easy, but it also allows other triggers in me to happen, and I don't need them to affect myself and my family in our daily lives.

So, it's always better to shut off these external distractions for a little while. Some days more than others. Self-care and my personal mental health is as important as my physical health. So do yourself a favour every once in a while. Just shut away social media, but not your heart to what's happening out there. Better to not get affected with other people's negative emotions, but still be aware. Even though things haven't been easy, I'm still extremely thankful for my current situation. I'd like to keep that going.

I hope you can, too. We focus on the positive things in life.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.

- JC

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