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I have to admit, I'm totally envious with all my friends in music who are already out there playing, and less worried about the pandemic. Life seems to be heading into some form of normalcy for them in those countries.

While over here, we're still stuck in a lockdown that's far worse than the first time we were in it. And here we have a bunch of idiots only started to mention some kind of "national recovery plan" like it's something new. Like hello, wasn't this supposed to be introduced last year?

There's no help whatsoever for a lot of us who are practically out of work, especially in the gig economy. If physical businesses are starting to die off a slow, painful death, what about us who rely on gig work? We're all struggling to hold on. Some of us are a little more blessed with some side work that help to sustain this storm. But we're still hanging on a thin thread.


I feel for those who are in even more tougher situations that I am. But I'm grateful for still being able to work somehow, and I hope I have the strength to just hold on.

But when will this be over? I hope sooner than later.

Still trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

But grateful to be alive and still able to do something, and having the best company I could ever ask for during this tough time.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading.

- JC

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